Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stanford: Latin Parliament Weighs in

Venezuelan daily Ultimas Noticias is reporting that the Latinamerican Parliament (also known as Parlatino) came out last week in Paraguay in defense of the Latin American depositors affected by the Stanford International Bank fraud case.

In their declaration of the the public service committee it was stated that "action was required by the US and Antiguan governments to preserve the rights of the depositors without privileges based on nationality" and that Parlatino would be "siding with the depostors affected by the this international financial fraud and demanding that those responsible be brought to justice".

Basically, Parlatino is weighing in on the receiver war between the British Accountants (Vantis) and the Texas Lawyer (Janvey).

A representative by the name of Correa proposed taking the declaration to other instances of Parlatino, so apparently this first declaration was just from the committee.

The picture is of Jorge Pizarro Soto from Chile, who is currently the President of Parlatino. (I didn't know that).

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