Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Year end. Time for recaps and predictions. Looking back and looking ahead. Time for resolutions in the two senses of the word: those things that were resolved and those things we promise to address in the future.

Looking back, 2009 was a banner year for most investment categories. Financial markets recovered from the brink of despair, in a move so quick and furious that it offered great opportunity to those who remained alert, while those who passively stuck with their positions throughout could still find comfort in meaningful recovery. On the other hand, those investors who bailed out of the crisis at the wrong time, found themselves longing for those opportunities which passed them by, while they scoffed with skepticism or cowered with fear, unable to pull the trigger and return to the game.

Risk taking was richly rewarded, as the pendulum, which had swung high in favor of safety in 2008, came rushing back in the opposite direction. Playing defense was a losing game this year.

Two of my favorite categories: high yield fixed income and emerging markets, were the hottest tickets of the year. Russian Bonds, for example, with a little bit of both characteristics, were a great place to be.

On balance, it was terrific year for me personally also. My health improved, my family has been wonderful and Uncle Sam is going to smile when he gets my check next April. My clients are very happy to have heeded my advice. Vision and/or luck? A little of both perhaps, but does it matter?

I also had the opportunity to strike a few things off my “bucket list”. Check out the picture at the top. I’m sure you’ll recognize the place. (If not, please rent the whole Indiana Jones series).

The Stanford affair was perhaps the icing on the cake (my 15 minutes?). Aside from the excitement and the attention, it was a messy issue that helped put things in perspective for me. Everything can change in a minute, so don’t take anything for granted. I still follow the case but stopped writing about it. Maybe I’ll do a book about the whole ordeal some day. I certainly have enough material and it’s the only way I can think of to get on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”. Nowadays everyone writes a book. Even Sarah Palin!

Looking forward to 2010, challenges abound (there’s a cliché!). Starting with the markets, the easy gains have been made. I still see some opportunities in fixed income, because the dynamics of that market are still favorable. Low base rates, stingy banks, aging populations with more retirees (looking for income) and a few decades of “underhyping” of the asset class. Let’s face it, the media forgot bonds existed back in the early 80s (the 1780‘s) and are only now beginning to rediscover them.
Equity markets don’t appear so clear to me, although accommodative monetary policy lends little reason for selling. It’s a simple case of “what are you going to do with the money?” I have read a lot of research looking for enlightenment on the issue.

As for New Years resolutions, aside from the 20 pounds I vow to lose (this year I’m serious!), I will try my best to blog more. This humble little blog is receiving some pretty consistent traffic and when you have an audience, even a small one, you have an obligation to it. I’ll blog about the markets, investments and probably a lot about bonds and fixed income. It’s not the idea to “fixate” about fixed income, but while there are millions of blogs on stocks, there isn’t a lot of free commentary about bonds.
I’m going to try my best to make a least a post per week, which may not sound like much, but remember this is not my real job.

So, have a really peaceful and joyful rest of this holiday season, a great year in 2010 and thanks for reading my junk.

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